The team has three means of communication.


The team website, which is used by the coaches and captains’ parents, has news about the team. Please check it regularly.

You can subscribe to the website by entering your email address in the gray rectangle at the top of the right column on the home page (near the Block S). If you subscribe, Google will send you an email when the website is updated. You also can subscribe to the team calendar, so you can have our schedule on your computer. The subscribe button is on the right.


The coaches, captains and captains’ parents use the team Gmail account ( to inform players and parents about important team news, such as change in practice schedule and game cancellations. Please add this address to your email reader, so our messages don’t go into your spam basket.

If you are not on the team’s distribution list. Please go to the Team E-Mail List page, fill out the form and click send. The captains or their parents will add you to the team’s address book.


The captains and players use Facebook to communicate among themselves. The group is secret and only open to those who are invited to join. A new group is created every spring for the following fall. If you are a player and you are not a member of this year’s group, message one of the captains on Facebook and ask to be invited to join. Freshmen are added only after the team meeting.